A Life of Fostering

I fostered kittens from the OHS for more than five years - and for those of you (mostly me) looking for a reference guide, here's where you'll find it. You can read a little more about my foster experience, if you'd like, or you can just browse the whole slew of kitty photos over here! (I should warn you that there are more than 1000 carefully selected photographs over there so I hope you're not in a hurry). 

Update: To help us recover from losing Angus quite abruptly and much too soon, we reunited with our love of fostering and helping animals. In mid-2015, we started fostering cats from Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. While we help them to grow up and find families, these little furballls help our hearts feel less empty for at least a little while. 

2015: Koda

2009: Miles & Ella (now Fern & Farley); Oliver & Ophelia, Reggie & Angus (who went on to become a part of our family <3 )

2008: Lydia, Sampson, Honey, Trixie and Hugo, Huck & Maddie, Hector and his baby brother

2007: Lucy, Linus & Pirate; Boris, Natasha, Seamus, Gus, Sophie, Sam, Max, Hobbes

2006: Neko & Maki; Charlie; Olive, Iris, Ducky and their three brothers and sisters; Margaret, Margaret's Unnamed Sister, Miss Mittens; Albert, Bea and Bess; Winston, Matilda, Chewy & Alice

2005: Newton, Lewis, Flora, Connor, Maya, Cole, Molly, Nellie, Monkey, Poe, Ponder, Chai, Scooter, Neko, Princess, Chairman Meow, Felix, Kit,Ted, Spooks, Shadow (2005 was a cat-filled year).

2004: Pica, Pixel, Dot, Max, Mocha, Pekoe, Gryphon, Cleo