Progress Report: Week 1

Dear Jack,

You're here! After 39 long weeks of waiting, wondering and worrying, I'm holding you in my arms while I write this one-handed on my phone and thinking about everything that's changed in the last seven days. 

Everyone had me convinced that you would arrive late. "First babies are always late," they said. My colleagues all picked days like the 25th or 27th as your prospective birthday. My doctor on the other hand, gave things a little nudge just to "see what would happen" and then all of a sudden there you were, warm and squirmy and screamy on my chest in the delivery room in the wee hours of the morning on August 13th. I'll never forget the look on your dad's face when he first saw you. We were both completely in love with you. Also, you pooped on everyone, including me. 

This first week has been a complicated one. We stayed in the hospital for just over a day, where they served us terrible pancakes and we had a gigantic room all to ourselves. It was too much room - so much that you spent much of your time there protesting how much space there was in your new world and demanding to be swaddled or cuddled on my chest 24/7. 

After a brief exit, you went back to the hospital with jaundice, and spent 12 hours under blue UV lights to see if that would help you to get better. You were a champ and hardly complained, though your dad and I did an awful lot of shushing that night to help you keep your cool (and ours too). When you were under the lights you had to wear fancy bug goggles to protect your tiny, delicate eyes. Putting them on didn't bother you at all, even though it made your mom cry repeatedly. Getting used to having you outside of my belly made me cry about a lot of things. 

In other news, you lost weight when you left the hospital, but you gained it all back in four days! Amazing job. On your birthday, you weighted 7lbs and 3oz and at the end of the week you weighed 7lbs 5 oz. A nice improvement! You were also more than 51 cm long. Very tall! 

One of the first things we discovered about you was your fantastic startle reflex, which forced you, seemingly against your will to constantly flail your arms into jazz hands. We call these Jack Hands now, and you do it all the time. It's one of my favourite things. 

This week you went on your first car ride, met your furry brother Max the cat, snuggled with your Aunt Erynn and Uncle Andrew, your Grandma and Grandpa Sykes, and visited an awful lot of doctors. You also met your cousin Regan, who declared you "Perfect!" We think so too. 

love, mum.

edit: posted late because babies have no schedules.