Progress Report: Month Two

Dear Jack,

This week you turned two months old. Already I feel the whirring machinery of time, eating away at our year together, and I want it to both speed up, and slow down, simultaneously. 

The first bits of your personality started to show themselves this month, and to our delight, you have shown us that you love to laugh and smile. All babies do somewhat the same, I'm sure, but nevertheless, it feels special to walk into a room and see your eyes lock onto mine and see your face light up with a smile so big - your gigantic, toothless grin - that you can't help but smile back. 

You've started to figure out your body this month too. It's strange to think that we all start out the same way, without any grasp of how these bodies we're given will move and what power you have to control it all. You can now hold your head up and look around, follow sounds, and even see (and smile at) yourself in the mirror. 

A favourite at the moment is the ceiling fan in our bedroom, which captivates your attention. I'll lay you in the middle of our bed to visit and snuggle, and your attention is instantly captured by its blades. Out of nowhere, there you are, grinning like a maniac at your friend, fan. If it could, I'm sure it would love you back. 

This month you've grown a great deal - you've gotten longer, and certainly, heavier - you've gained three pounds since your one month visit, and I can tell because my arms are so very sore. It's all worth it though, to be able to hold you and snuggle you as you fall asleep or wake up. This month you also got your first vaccinations. You were very brave and cried only for a second and then promptly went back to sleep (you also wolfed down the sugary oral vaccine like we had been holding back, not introducing you to such treats. I'm going to bet you'll also be into cake, one day). I'm sure I was more nervous and affected than you were. 

Your dad and I have watched you grow up a bit this month, becoming a baby from a newborn, and doing exceptional growing things, like learning to see, discovering your limbs, and even the cat, who you think is pretty exciting (maybe not as exciting as fan, but still...a close second). 

I'm reminded every day of how short our year together really is - the time moves so fast - and how far we'll go in it. This time next year, you'll be your own person, able to walk, talk, eat, and you won't depend on me for your day to day survival. This is exciting but scary - I kind of like you needing me, for at least a little while. It will go away all too soon. 

love, mum