x-ray vision

I hadn't really given much thought to this before say...last Friday, but as it turns out, it is instantly clear that it is super strange to look at your own insides through an ultrasound monitor. 

I would say I am a pretty private person. I'm not a big toucher, or small talk person, and I don't tell people I hardly know a whole lot about my business. So, being pregnant, is.. weird. Because literally overnight, you are now best friends with anyone who might come near you with a stethoscope or ultrasound wand. You pee on demand, give blood on demand, tell people about a variety of uncomfortable things...on demand. And of course, it all becomes normal (except it's not) pretty fast. There is no escaping your new intimate familiarity to strangers. 

Last Friday, we headed to our first ultrasound (in itself, weird) and suddenly, there we were - me, Brett, strange lady oddly interested in my future for 2.5 minutes and a GIANT television image of my insides.

I refused to buy the "souvenir" photo because that seemed too strange. But wow. That was actually amazingly cool.