Progress Report: Week 2

Dear Jack,

Today you are two weeks old. Already! I almost can't believe it. 

This week you worked hard at partying all night, and your dad and I spent a lot of time pulling out hair out trying to figure out what you liked so much about four in the morning. Turns out, nothing. But that's not stopping you from making that your own personal fussbudget hour. 

You had lots of visitors this week, most notably more time with family - your Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Erynn and Uncle Andrew, and our friends Liz and Chris came to visit with the 9 month old Charlie. They brought a play mat and banana chocolate chip muffins. They are officially my favourite people - and you snoozed right through their visit (Charlie did not.) 

This week you ate like a teenage football player and food was going out of style. As a result, you outgrew your teeny tiny newborn clothes, which broke my heart a little. Stop growing up so fast! We also had to take the infant insert out of your car seat because you were just too big! And you graduated into your baby bouncer since you now weigh more than 8lbs. You were a tiny baby just yesterday (literally). 

Your dad spent the week with us as we all got used to no sleep and new baby routines. Before you arrived, we were night owls and went to bed really late, but now that you're here we're pretty much ready to go to bed at 4pm every day. Our eyes are perpetually heavy. But 

Tomorrow, your Nanny and Grandad arrive from Nova Scotia, because they haven't met you yet! They've been watching you grow up so far through lots of photos and over phone calls, but I know they're pretty excited to meet you in person. Your Nanny has made you ALL the quilts. You will never be a little boy who lacks for blankets. 

It's amazing how quickly these first few days of your life are going by. It feels like we've never had a life without you, but we haven't even really gotten to know you yet, either! I'm sure we'll learn even more next week.