grown-up grownups

It's been a while since I did any writing on this website, so I'm not totally sure where to start. But I guess the beginning is probably as good as anything.

This year, I'm reaching a milestone. It's called old (I'm 37! SHUDDER). This comes with a variety of old lady problems, including "I definitely do not want to get out of bed before 8am but I'm doing it anyway," "Why is there a wrinkle on my face right there??," "Why can't I stay up and go drinking after midnight anymore," and "if we don't do it now, we are never going to have a kid."

It's this last one that's really been giving me (well, us) pause for the last few months. And now, here we are. Two of us + a crazy cat + eventually a small-ish human who will inevitably barf on everything I like. Coming August 2016. 

Let's begin.