capsule wardrobing 101

It turns out that building a capsule wardrobe -- all the rage right now -- comes much more naturally when you find yourself pregnant in the middle of winter. At the three month mark, I quickly realized that while I wasn't yet ... big ... and I didn't really have - to most people's eyes - a bump, I wasn't my same old self, either. Inaccessible was my closet full of fitted dresses made from non-stretchy materials (especially when you're trying to hide your expanding belly from your colleagues for a tiny bit longer), high-waisted skirts, and anything that gives you a nice side-profile silhouette. And don't get me started on the tights. OH TIGHTS. My giant collection of tights turned into torture devices that I still need to make do with until spring (and no-tights! season arrives). 

Learning how to be fit is an exercise in controlling and mastering your body that I have been working hard at for the last year and a half. Pregnancy is an exercise in giving that up, because you are no longer in control. Sure, I can do a steady four workouts a week, and all the side planks in the world, but what we know is supposed to happen (sleeker, fitter, taller, more beautiful - right?) is wiped completely off the map by your internal organs reorganizing themselves and working to defeat you. No one wants to do a killer workout and then notice a bit more of a bump in the bathroom mirror. Body, you have it backwards. This is so confusing. 

So, capsule wardrobes. Inspired by pinterest, this weekend I whittled my wardrobe down to a stark collection of leggings, pants (my pants still fill THANK GOD), sweaters, skirts, tunics, and dresses that still make me feel like I haven't just overdone it on wintertime comfort food, and also maintain some level of personal style. It's a shadow of my actual wardrobe but not terrible. I can live with it -- until those too, run out of space for my new shape. 

I'll be shedding more clothes as time goes on, I'm sure, and adding in some new pieces that hopefully won't be just transient wardrobe additions for the next six to twelve months. I'm determined to not end up like a hermit living in tank tops and pyjamas and refusing to leave the house. But some days...that sounds awfully tempting. It's cold out there! Stay tuned for more updates on my four-season capsule wardrobe adventures (and failures).