Endlessly amusing

If you ever find yourself pregnant AND highly familiar with google (and how to find good answers to reasonably sane questions), I suggest you immediately get yourself access to a Birth Month Group/mom forum. For those not in the know, this is the place to chat about all things baby (and not baby, as it seems), and possibly also things that are WAY TMI that you can never unsee. 

Most of it is boring - strangers updating you on their ultrasounds for kids you'll never meet - some of it is sad - women leaving the group because of miscarriages or other issues - but the gold, when you get there, is SO good. 

Like this gem I stumbled on this afternoon when looking up the bizarre ingredients in a kombucha I impulse bought at the health-food lunch spot next to my office. I haven't told my office about this "project" yet, so I had to struggle to not laugh hysterically in our open concept space. 

This may, in fact, be the best question ever about what to eat when you are having a baby. Because, meanness. I love spicy food a lot (especially right now), so it might follow that our kid is going to be super mean. Watch out, playground!