Progress Report: Month Three

Dear Jack,

Today you turned three months old. Where has the time gone?

It has been a busy month for you and I. You got your first vaccinations, which you handled like a champ, with hardly a whimper for just a moment. 

This month we really started to get into a routine, beyond the lazy baby days of predictable sleep needs - every two hours, like clockwork. We figured out bedtime and best nap times, we found your favourite time for walks, and even how much layering on cold days you'll tolerate from your crazy mum (hint: not a lot). 

I didn't really know what to expect, being your mum, but it turns out it's pretty easy. You change, all the time, just when we've gotten used to whatever state we've found ourselves in. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing your chortling laugh or seeing your giant smiles for strangers. You're so ridiculously happy - when you cry it's for good reason and heartfelt.

Just this past week we went on our first solo trip, to Halifax to visit my family. You went on your first ever plane ride and you charmed the flight crews in both directions - I hardly got to keep you on my lap at all, they were so busy carrying your smiley face up and down the aisles. Instead of crying on takeoff of landing, you smushed your soother in your moth and then spit it out in peals of laughter as we ascended and descended. I guess you'll be ok with air travel, munchkin. I shouldn't have worried so much.

While we were away you met lots of my aunts and uncles, and got lots of snuggles from your grandparents but my favourite part of the trip was you meeting your great-grandparents. Not everyone is lucky enough to meet their great grandparents (or their great-grandchildren) and it was so obvious how much they loved you right away. I hope you'll get to have some of the same experiences and traditions with them that I did when I was a little girl. They are very special people who already think the world of you.

This month your development accelerated - all of a sudden you're laughing hysterically, chewing on your hands (you found them!), twisting your body around to see things and tummy time is a breeze. You're awake and alert more and more, and we're still continuing to expand your musical library with Leonard Cohen and others. We sometimes run out of things to do with you, so I hope you'll forgive us for all the times we've shown you the pantry. Years from now you'll see a box of crackers and feel a familiar longing for your mum, maybe. 

You've moved from sleeping in your swing to sleeping in a crib in our bedroom. We put you in a funny magic merlin suit - kind of a giant yellow marshmallow - that is supposed to make you feel snug and happy and keep you from startling in the wee hours of the night. You're not sure what to think of it, and nor am I really. Being a parent seems to involve being scared of a lot of transitions - I was scared to move you from the swing to a flat bed, because we would be giving up a good long night of sleep every night. But you surprised me and sleep almost just as fine there too. Now I'm scared to take you out of that suit, lest you go back to waking up every twenty minutes, which is fun for exactly no one in this house (including Max). Baby steps, and one day you'll sleep like a dream, I hope.

It's hard to believe how quickly three months has gone by, or that in another three, we'll be feeding you your first bits of real food and trying (probably in vain) to keep you from crawling all over the house, mover that you are. Exciting times lay ahead.






Progress Report: Month Two

Dear Jack,

This week you turned two months old. Already I feel the whirring machinery of time, eating away at our year together, and I want it to both speed up, and slow down, simultaneously. 

The first bits of your personality started to show themselves this month, and to our delight, you have shown us that you love to laugh and smile. All babies do somewhat the same, I'm sure, but nevertheless, it feels special to walk into a room and see your eyes lock onto mine and see your face light up with a smile so big - your gigantic, toothless grin - that you can't help but smile back. 

You've started to figure out your body this month too. It's strange to think that we all start out the same way, without any grasp of how these bodies we're given will move and what power you have to control it all. You can now hold your head up and look around, follow sounds, and even see (and smile at) yourself in the mirror. 

A favourite at the moment is the ceiling fan in our bedroom, which captivates your attention. I'll lay you in the middle of our bed to visit and snuggle, and your attention is instantly captured by its blades. Out of nowhere, there you are, grinning like a maniac at your friend, fan. If it could, I'm sure it would love you back. 

This month you've grown a great deal - you've gotten longer, and certainly, heavier - you've gained three pounds since your one month visit, and I can tell because my arms are so very sore. It's all worth it though, to be able to hold you and snuggle you as you fall asleep or wake up. This month you also got your first vaccinations. You were very brave and cried only for a second and then promptly went back to sleep (you also wolfed down the sugary oral vaccine like we had been holding back, not introducing you to such treats. I'm going to bet you'll also be into cake, one day). I'm sure I was more nervous and affected than you were. 

Your dad and I have watched you grow up a bit this month, becoming a baby from a newborn, and doing exceptional growing things, like learning to see, discovering your limbs, and even the cat, who you think is pretty exciting (maybe not as exciting as fan, but still...a close second). 

I'm reminded every day of how short our year together really is - the time moves so fast - and how far we'll go in it. This time next year, you'll be your own person, able to walk, talk, eat, and you won't depend on me for your day to day survival. This is exciting but scary - I kind of like you needing me, for at least a little while. It will go away all too soon. 

love, mum

Progress Report: Month One

Dear Jack,

Yesterday you turned on month old and we celebrated by weighing you at the doctors office to get some facts to support the "WOW this kid is getting heavier!" sentiment we've been saying around here a lot lately. You are giving our arms a workout. And for good reason, I guess. The last time we weighed you you were just under a week old, and you were about 7lbs 8oz. You've gained three whole pounds since then! It's no wonder we had to make some drastic wardrobe changes over the last week or so to upgrade you to 3-6 month clothes. Nothing fit! 

This past week or so has been a big one for you. It's been our first week really by ourselves now that our parade of visitors has quieted down. This has been good for you, and especially good for your cat brother Max, who keeps looking at us wondering (we are sure) "is it time to eat him yet?" He's concerned about your presence, but for the most part Max's life has gone back to normal and he's his own happy self again, hopping up on the bed in the morning for snuggles, and braving your squealy cries and infant chatter to pat you on the head with his paw. I have to warm you though, he's making a serious move on your play mat, so you may want to up your game in tummy time before he takes it over completely. 

Your dad has been working from home this week so that he can help out a little, but secretly I think he just doesn't like being away from you for very long. Babies are funny that way - we are all operating in your orbit. If we look away for too long, suddenly, we've missed something big. 

As far as milestones go, you've started to become more of a real baby this month - you are so different today than you were thirty days ago. You're more awake and alert, looking around, tracking things with your eyes, and starting to discover your own limbs, which are constantly on the go, but more and more under your own control with every passing day. You still do Jack Hands. I'm going to have to try to catch them on video so you can watch when you are older. You're also sleeping for longer stretches of time - yesterday you slept for a little over five hours (!). We didn't know what to do with ourselves, for the most part, but we made dinner like regular people and watched you sleep like obsessed, adoring parents. I hope you don't get sick of that - I think you're stuck with us.