something different.

When we first moved to Montreal three years ago, we promised ourselves just a couple of things. 

One, we would have fun. We would have an adventure. Two, that we would learn a little French, and learn a lot about this part of Canada you couldn't really understand when you don't live here. And three, that we wouldn't stay forever.

It's three years later, now, and while we didn't always imagine that we would be ready to move on and have new adventures somewhere else quite this soon, we recently came to the realization that we really wanted more. And that we would never get it here. 

We're going to be leaving Montreal with fond memories, amazing new friends, good stories, a LONG list of great restaurants you should eat at when you visit, an excellent sense of how to get from A to B without having to drive on the Decarie, no more fear of "Crazy Montreal Drivers" (because we, too, are those people, now), an appreciation for clean air, why you really shouldn't turn right on red, Quebec Culture and some excellent French practice.

When we started talking about where to go next, there were many MANY places on the list. Tokyo!, I suggested (because, well, why not?). New Zealand, suggested Brett (he's been watching a lot of Lord of the Rings lately). Vancouver? No (Sorry YVR pals). Toronto? Definitely no (too...Toronto). We went through a long list (San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and on, and on), but eventually, we settled on the one place we both immediately thought YES about, and that place, was Ottawa. We're coming home.

Now begins the hard (and fun) part: finding a new job, buying a new home, saying goodbye to Montreal, and having another new adventure in a city that is familiar yet so different from the one we left behind.

We can't wait. See you this summer, friends.