effortless slow cooker ghee

One of the things we use a lot of around the house is butter, and while the whole 30 doesn't out and out forbid it (dairy! bad!), they do recommend using ghee, instead -- a clarified butter that you'll often find used in Indian dishes. If you've ever browned butter, then you'll find it very similar, except without any of the nutty, crunchy burned milk solids that make it the perfect way to serve pasta with fried sage, or dress poporn (oh yes. YOU know you want to try it now) or make rice krispie squares. 

Now I'd like to make some brown butter, too. 

But back to ghee. This recipe couldn't really get much easier, and once it's done you can use it in everything from baked goods to slathered on fresh bread, or in a curry. Since it doesn't smoke easily, it's perfect for anything you're putting into a frying pan. I love it with scrambled eggs.  

To make ghee, take some butter (as much as you want. 1-2 lbs is great depending on how big or small your slow cooker is), put it in your slow cooker, and set your slow cooker to high (or 4 hours). Prop open the lid with a utensil, like a chopstick, or in my case, a spurtle to let the steam out. No need to stir. At the end of the four hours, strain the (WARNING: HOT!!!) ghee through two or three layers of cheese cloth into clean glass jars. Let cool, toss in the fridge, and voila, you've got ghee! 

Use it for everything. 

Homemade Ghee


  • Butter, the higher the fat, the better (I like to use 84% Sterling Creamery butter. You'll often find it in your grocery store as "Amish Butter" too). At least 1lb. 2.5 lbs makes ~ 1L of ghee

Put the butter into your slow cooker, and turn it up to high, or to four hours, if your slow cooker measures in time. Come back in four hours. 

Strain the beautiful golden ghee (it will be clear on top with an opaque layer of golden milk solids on the bottom. There may also be a thick white foam on top as well. All good! 

Over one or more mason jars, secure three layers of cheesecloth with a little bit of give (the weight of the milk solids will bring them down a bit. Ladle the hot ghee over the cheesecloth into the mason jars one scoop at a time, or just go for it and pour the contents of your slow cooker over the cheesecloth all at once. Ghee is SUPER hot, so wear oven mitts (we use Ove Gloves and they're hand-savers) or something to protect yourself from getting burned. 

Remove the cheesecloth, being careful not to spill anything into your new, beautiful jar of clear ghee. Let the hot liquid come to room temperature and then close the lid and place in the fridge for safekeeping. Ghee should keep in your fridge for up to two weeks, if you can manage not to use it all up before then. Good luck!