Worth Reading, volume 3

One month into the new year and my pocket app is overflowing with things both read and in the queue. This is just a few of the ones that have delighted me over the last few weeks. 

Nobody's Son

I'm not sure why but I have been reading a lot about grieving lately (ed note: no you do not need to be worried about me). Mark Slouka's Nobody's Son was equal parts touching, inspiring, and made me think a little longer about what I thought about death. "Don’t be stupid, he says. You don’t love me less by living more. Live! Live like you mean it." Indeed.

Gentrification may actually be a boon to longtime residents

If you, like me, live in a neighbourhood that used to be a not-very-hip place to live, you would have talked about gentrification and how it changes your 'hood at least once. We all talk about how gentrification is bad (or we assume it is) because all of the "rich" people make everything more expensive and inaccessible for the people who aren't like them. This NPR article says we had it all wrong. 

Goodnight. Sleep clean.

"As your body sleeps, your brain is quite actively playing the part of mental janitor: It’s clearing out all of the junk that has accumulated as a result of your daily thinking." And we all have more junk than we probably think we do. 

The Secrets of Bezos: How Amazon became the Everything Store

I enjoyed this excerpt so much more than the entire book, and learned a thing or two in the process. Also, question mark emails. I simultaneously hate and love them. 

90% of American's don't know about Ctrl + F

How do they find anything? And how did the rest of us figure this out? It's baffling to me that most people still haven't figured out how to really use their computers. And Search Anthropologist sounds like I job I would really like to have.

We like you so much and want to know you better

Modern employment conundrum, or just super creepy futurism? I can't decide but reading this piece made me glad I shut down one of my major social media network accounts at the end of last year. Because, this.


Rookie Mag isn't just for kids -- we can all find something useful, delightful, or insightful. December's editor's letter is all the proof you needed. "One way to avoid killing your heart is to decide that you will spend your whole life growing up." Good advice we could all heed. Keep growing up folks -- life is just so much better this way.