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Hector did just the opposite of what I did this weekend. While he lazed around on pillows and groomed himself from Friday through Sunday, I worked and worked and worked, cutting and hacking away at loads of material, webbing and organized more plastic parts than I care to think about.

But the end result is good - a long line of camera straps, wrist straps, patchwork pieces, gocco screens and tea towels all waiting in a lovely (colour coordinated) line for their turn at the sewing machine or paper press. A sewing machine which after easily 30 hours of sewing in the last week, surely hates me fiercely at the moment.

For a change, though, I feel pretty good about ladyfest, which is my biggest show every year, and also the most fun - it's a crafter's reunion! I have my fingers crossed, my i's dotted and t's crossed in order to avoid the 3am Friday night finish that I've been known for in years before. This year? Smooth sailing! Hard work pays off, I hope, in hours of sleep gained. :)