Lazy Lady Lounging What a weeked. It was a good one, bit busy, but fun.

On Friday, we went to the World Premiere of Giant Box Robot, a cute little good vs. evil film about love, and sad robots. Very fun.

I hosted (along with my mum) a yardsale of gigantic proprtions, by which I mean our (my former) driveway, full of books. When my family reads, apparently, we do it non-stop for about 20 years and we keep the books. All of 'em and I do mean all 2,416 of them. Thank god other people have book addictions too. Also at the garage sale, we disappointed an older gentleman hunting for antiques ("are you selling any of them there antiquey thingies?"), one hunting for musical instuments (as if we would give those away), people clearly disappointed that we (along with about 30 other people) had a popcorn maker for sale, and one little girl who nearly cried when our "Garage Sale" sign was blown down. Really. She was very upset.

Today we played with kitties, had brunch at Dolly's. Yum, as always. Hung out with Ben, made some holes in my wall (photos to follow, shortly). and played with kitties again. Dot, the fluffy kitty, accidentally gave herself a bath when she jumped into her water dish without looking first. Fluffy kitties like not their water-soaked tails...

Boring, I know, but I'm sick (hack, hack). Thanks Ryn, for the sickiness. I will get you back.