evelyn glennie

Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie has been nearly deaf since she was 12 years old, but somehow that hasn't stopped her from becoming an excellent percussionist and making music with orchestras all over the world. Last year, she gave the TED talk, above, about listening with your whole body - a lesson I think most of us could stand to listen to over and over again when we can't figure out why we connect with music.

I've always been a rhythm sort of girl (I think the double-bass gave that away), so I'm really quite excited that Evelyn Glennie is playing in Ottawa this week. Conveniently, it's at the NAC, so it's mere steps from my desk (can you say quick commute?). You can buy tickets over here for Wednesday or Thursday's show.

I *know* you all think the orchestra is (a) boring, (b) not for people under 40 or (c) meh. But it is more often than not a delightful surprise.