blurry, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

every day, these days, is blurry. With a new job, winding up some last bits of contract work, prepping for Christmas deliveries of products to Canadian shops, getting ready for craft shows, and OH - the fact that it's cold here and I had to spend hours sticking those stupid plastic covers over half of our windows, my days are a delightful blur of "what do I need to get accomplished before I fall into bed for a few hours and get up and do it all over again". Luckily, I am well versed in "I don't sleep much."

This little guy is Hector, the brother of that cat who, well, died. For a while he wasn't doing so hot, but then he got some meds and now he races around our house like nobody's business and will eat three bowls of food in an hour if we let him. We mostly do.

More soon - as soon as I wade through the giant pile of NEW THINGS I've been working on in the middle of my studio floor. Happy Tuesday!