two in the bed.

two in the bed., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

A terrible photo, but all I can get out of two skittish munchkins who are shakingly nervous about this new place, about these new people, and about when they might see food again.

So far, right-hand cat thinks he might never get fed again, judging by the way he divebombs his food dish and warns everybody else to steer clear while he grabs giant chunks of food to spirit away to be eaten underneath the bathtub. Left-most cat is a little more docile and easy going, but seriously freaked out by anything we do. Which is going to make showering in the morning just a *little* bit tricky, I bet, since our bathroom is their temporary home.

Huck and Maddie are (happily) off to their new homes (yay!) and these little fellows (they are both boys) will be our last cats before the new year.

They don't have names yet, but you can guarantee they will!