a horse's life

kasimir, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

if only these were my days - lazing about in pastures, tempting fate with the electric fence (lucky for him, this one isn't on yet), and people to fetch me water....

It's been a busy few days. We've been to the carp fair, a friend's farm, learned about new babies, and more!

Right now I'm working hard to modify camera straps to be "just right" and sourcing hardware from all over the world - which always turns into a google search of massive proportions. Google "double-loop camera strap string" and see if you can find continuous loops of the stuff to buy in bulk. I dare you.

I'm also thinking ahead to (vomit) Christmas, and am just about to ship giant boxes of Christmas goods out to shops where they can find new homes. Which is exciting, but I've been thinking about Christmas since before the summer was over, and I'd like to go back to fall now please. The joys of retail...

In other news, it's fall, and I'm feeling it in full force. Hello pies, tarts and cookie baking season! Add to that the fact that we haven't yet turned on our heat yet (soon!) and you've got a miniature bakery going on in our kitchen (especially since the gas stove heats the place up by at least a few degrees). This is by far my favourite season - I'm just itching to throw on a long coat and wander out into piles of crunchy leaves.