new studio & affordable art

studio, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

we're finally really starting to settle into our little house here and now that all of the main living areas are taken care of, I'm taking care of my studio.

My fly graphics from Blik arrived yesterday and were put up just as soon as I could get them out of their giant cardboard sleeve. Today I hung all of the art on the walls and gave the place a good tidy. The only thing I'm lacking now is a good table - which still remains ever elusive. Where do art schools get them?

Since I knew that I was getting a much bigger space in this house than I had in the last, I started collecting art just as soon as we had signed on the dotted line. I love the ease with which we can all collect awesome affordable art these days because of sites like etsy. My 'art to frame' file is overflowing! New pieces for this particular room include:

Miss Derringer, by The Black Apple

Bjork Girl by The Black Apple

Stuff White Trees Like by Jon Armstrong (also known as blurbomat)

There Is Nothing Wrong With You by Mati Rose McDonough

The birds are all from blik and YES, I did pay a horrendous amount of duty, but only because home depot wouldn't sell me the restikable ones.

You can see more photos of my lovely studio starting here, if you'd like. Now all I really need to do is get back to sewing!