free camera straps!

free things for you!, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

I haven't been posting a lot lately because I have been locking myself in my studio to make new things - or at least to attempt to make new things. And now you get to benefit from that!

Until they're gone, I'm offering up a free camera wristlet (made for point-and-shoot cameras, or little handheld video cameras like the Flip) to anyone who wants one (shipping included) with ONE caveat: that you let me know what you love/hate about it so that before these go into crazy Christmas production, I can get it *just* right (and send you a new, perfect updated version as a thankyou!).

These are totally in prototype format and need a good wearing in - so if you use a point-and-shoot a LOT, this might be just the thing for you! I've been using one myself for a few weeks now with my wee little Canon, so they're sturdy and durable - that much I know.

There are three styles - some that are quick-adjust, some that are non-adjustable loops, and some (like that green one on the far right) with a buckle-like adjuster mechanism.

Leave me a comment if you're willing to give one a try and I'll touch base to get your mailing address and more.

Edited to add: Thanks everyone! I have enough "guinea pigs" for the moment...more on these soon!