small cakes & mr. adventure

after a bit of a hiatus and some settling in time post-move, we've finally got ourselves a new kitten duo. Meet miss Madeleine and her brother Huckleberry!

Miss Madeleine is a delicate and tiny sweetheart (much like her namesake, those lovely french cakes) who while every bit as rambunctious as her much bigger orange brother, is equally as apt to spend an afternoon reclining on the laps of those who love her. In the handful of days since she's been with us, she's let it be known that she's not going to let anything stand in the way of what she wants, which includes being able to go and and down the stairs to the first floor BY HERSELF, thankyouverymuch. She likes to play the "oh I'm so delicate card" however, she's often the one who can be found starting the latest round of cat-wrestling in the walk-in shower, so I think she chooses her battles wisely.

Huckleberry (who I've been calling Huck, for short - AND because it's cuter) is an extremely active little guy, preferring to race everywhere instead of just moving along at a normal speed like everyone else. He runs circles around his little sister, and can usually be found trying to walk across her while she sleeps (as all big brothers are wont to do)- when he's not exploring the rest of the house. He's still coming out of his shell, and will hide under the bathtub at the first sign of loud noises, but otherwise, he's quite true to his orange cat nature: mister chat-o-rama. There is no end to the talking with this little guy! He's quite happy to have a home with us it seems - he's frequently caught purring. He is, however, a picky fellow. Case in point: today we settled on smushed up treats for breakfast since none of the FIRST FIVE bowls of food I provided were good enough for his finicky feline tastebuds. Tonight he will learn that we don't always get treats as a main course!

Click on the photo above to get to see the rest of the photos from this weekend. There are more to come!