pie in the sky

apple tart, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

one of the things I love the MOST about our new house is the giant kitchen. We've spent the last two years living with a skinny-minnie galley kitchen that meant that really, only one person could be present in the kitchen at any given time, and there would be no trying to squeeze past just to get that extra glass of water. Multiple person cooking in our house became a bit of an extreme sport for a while there.

This killed my cooking spirit. Who would want to cook in a place where you couldn't even turn around in a full circle? Thankfully, I'm back to baking, and ready for action with this new place of ours - with it's little eat-in nook, generous counter space and (claps hands!) gas stove, it's just perfect for making messes and yummy things in!

It's brett's birthday today (happy birthday!) and he totally hates fuss, so I am sure to be in trouble later for announcing it on the internet (everybody wish brett a happy birthday!), and it's a bit of a tradition in our house for me to make him a birthday pie.

This year, we have fancy dinner plans with family, so birthday pie because a bigger, taller order with a pie to share and a pie to horde for ourselves.

So, last night I set about making an apple tart (courtesy of this recipe from SmittenKitchen) for tonight's dinner. And it worked! The only trouble has been that the tart has been sitting on my desk all day, waiting to get taken to (and devoured at) dinner. I would highly recommend *not* storing pie on your desk, as it forces you to do nothing but think about eating pie. All. Day. Long. Exquisite torture. Especially when it looks like this:

ta da!, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.