And we all heaved a collective sigh of relief

So, we're in our new place, and everything is going smoothly. Except for the part where I'm waiting for something bad to happen. Constantly.

  • The move went well - we seem to have not forgotten anything. Well, nothing big, anyhow.
  • We still have hot water.
  • I haven't yet starved to death.
  • No one has taken out the side of the house thanks to our narrow driveway.
  • I am still alive, no thanks to the huge window in my room that makes noises outside seem as if they're inside, and are really made my the people coming to murder me late at night (no, for the record I am not PARANOID)

It seems odd that the grossest thing we've (I've) discovered so far is the used condom at the end of our driveway post garbage pick-up.

I don't know which of my neighbours that came from, but eeew.