1 part luck, 999 parts talent

Sometimes in your career, you get lucky and you get the chance to work with people who are SO phenomenally talented that you can't help but want to hate them a little because they are so freaking talented. Except then, they're also extremely *nice* and all-around super, and will gossip with you about new cameras and pantone swatches, and bring you coffee, which completely blows your ability to hate them for their unbelievable talent right out of the water. So instead, you just sit around in utter AWE that you get to be a part of whatever amazing thing they are working on. And they inspire you to try to make things that are hopefully just a fraction as good as the work they do themselves. Creativity and awesomeness begets creativity and awesomeness. Or at least you hope so!

My last job, since it was related to video, and broadcast TV, and movies and all things design was full of talented people. Talented people everywhere! But none more talented than Mark Coleran, who I was lucky enough to share an office wall with for at least a few months before that job almost killed me. See also: best job I ever had, despite the near death experience.

He has a new show reel. You will kick yourself if you don't watch it. Especially if, say, you watched a movie in a theatre, at least once, in the last ten years. Do it.