Empty Cages.

Scuba, originally uploaded by lisacat.

We are missing foster cats over here at our new house these days, and as we get everything ready to have some new little critters run about, I've been cruising the web, in search of cute kitties to fill the gap.

One things that always keeps me going in the 'in-betweens' is Mihow's Tuesdays with Murray. Every week we get to read a story about Murray's weekly adventures, but this week, it's all about the people who loved Murray into the kitty he is today and their new project, the Empty Cages Collective, in Brooklyn, NY.

It struck a chord with me, not only because we now live in stray central, but because we have hand fed, held close and loved to bits all of the little orphan kittens and strays that we've had luck to bring home with us and know how good it feels to see them get loved, and brought to good health, and taken care of.

Michele explains it better than I ever could, so you should go there to read her post. It's so nice to see good people doing good things for creatures who don't often get as much love as they deserve.