The Purge, Part II

green pez camera strap, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Part of the pre-move purge is not just getting rid of junk that we don't want to move, but also tidying up my studio, giving away craft supplies that no longer have a use for me, and OMG clearing out the TON of inventory of camera and guitar straps that I've been building up here so the movers don't have to carry them.

SO - from now until I start boxing everything up on August 5th, all of my inventory will be on sale in an effort to find it a new home that isn't mine!

Camera straps are temporarily $15 (from $22), and guitar straps are $25 (from $34). There's a bunch of new patterns that haven't been posted yet, but are on their way in the next day or two. So check them out!