secret projects.

quilt top., originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

lots of secret projects wrapping up here at mintyfresh hq these days as we prepare to move (and prepare to pack!).

Today I got to gift one of them - a baby quilt for lana's soon to arrive little one. It always feels so good to send them off to their new homes. Yay!

This one has the last of the scraps for now, which I've tried to identify one by one on Flickr. One day I will be fabric organized and be able to name them all. ONE day. This one was extra special since I used a swatch of my spoonflower fabrics *and* the marimekko fabric I brought back with me from Vancouver.

My new studio is much bigger than my current one, and I'm hoping it affords me the chance to stretch out (and finish!) the big projects I'm working on for this fall.