up up and away

The kitties were dropped off yesterday to get spayed and neutered, and today, they're up for adoption! We miss them like crazy (why is no one trying to break into my office? why are there no cats on the dining room table?) but I'm really happy about how well they've grown up.

Hugo is just a doll. Maybe not the smartest kitty ever, but definitely one of the funniest we've ever had. He LOVES the bathtub, and licking watermelon bits from your fingers, and taking naps with his head resting on his arm like a pillow. You can see his profile here.

Trixie is a super sweetheart and so well behaved. She knows when she's doing something we wouldn't approve of, and totally backs down when we notice that she's doing it. She loves to go outside on her harness and wander up and down our busy sidewalks, meeting dogs and neighbours, and chasing after bugs galore. She does well in crowds, and loves to snuggle. You can read her profile here.

Honey is adorable and sweet and will love you up like nobody's business if you let her. We had a daily ritual when I'd come home - come in, take off shoes, put down bag, deposit Honey in my lap so she can purr and knead and rub her nose all over my face for half an hour. I miss her sweetness. You can read her full profile here.

Links to their online profiles at the OHS (and real-time adoption status...I am such a nerd) coming soon!

Edited to add: Adopt Hugo! Adopt Trixie! Honey already has a new home!