The Purge

Ah moving. My favourite time of the every-few-years. Even better than that urge we all get for spring cleaning, moving (particularly moving from a third floor apartment) means that it is time. to. get. rid. of. junk. Stat. Strangely, we are moving to a place that is bigger than our current kind-of big place, but that doesn't mean we're taking stuff we don't love with us. And by this we mean books. And music. lovely internet friends...we have books for the taking! And soon, we will be doing the same thing with our ENTIRE CD collection. Every last one. Going digital has its perks - and those perks are not having to lug 400+ CDs down three flights of stairs.

For now, I give you our collection of "why do we have this?" and "I am never going to look at that again" books. If you'd like any of them, they're free if you pick them up! And if you are absolutely desperate for a book or two but can't pick them up in person, we can talk shipping costs. I am the queen of shipping packaging at the moment. Who needs 250 padded mailers? ME!

Visit to see the list. Leave me a comment, or send mail to robyn @ mintyfresh dot ca. What doesn't get snapped up here gets taken to the Ottawa Public Library, so in any case, these will all go to a good home eventually.

edited to add: this list is still growing as we slowly make our way through our giant built-in wall of books and into the kitchen, where there are plenty of cookbooks waiting to see if they will survive! keep checking back