Revolutionary Art: All About Bicycles

This Friday, July 4th, a ton of local artists will be opening a show at Cyclelogik, a new mostly bike shop / kindof coffee bar in Wellington Village to celebrate their grand opening. Running with a theme of "Bicycles" you'll see work from local artists, jewelry designers, fashion designers, textile artists, photographers and more - including me!

Since I know the first thing *I* do when faced with a giant list of artists is try and figure out who they are and if I already know their work, I'm including some handy links for you below for artists whose websites I could find without having to resort to googling obscure text strings. Enjoy! And I hope to see you there. Come say hello!

abi lyon wicke Andrea Stokes Christina Ballhorn Erin Robertson Jenny Mcmaster Karina Bergman Katie Dutton Laura Twiss Maria Lezon Mary Spicer Patti Normand me! Sarah Hallman (and more!)