cat tent tragedy

cat tent tragedy, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

The kitties very favourite Royal Canin cat tent (free with a bag of "BabyCat" cat food about a year or so ago) has finally started to come apart (quite literally) at the seams.

No other cat tent has compared to this one in "we like it" levels with the kitties - Trixie, Honey and Hugo have made it their hangout for the last four weeks and now that they're big enough to play, they're dragging it around the house, flipping it on its head, and testing out it's capabilities as a trampoline. They *love* this tent. And so has every other cat that's come before them.

But there are no more....even an email to Royal Canin asking if I can buy/find another resulted in nothing (or shall I say, no return email.).

This means sad cats.

Updated to say: Aww! There are no tents left, but they're sending us a little cat tunnel instead! Hopefully no one eats it.

Updated again July 2nd to say: it arrived! They love it!