Mother's Day Surprises

A LOOOOONG time ago I started planning for this mother's day. Almost a year and a half ago, even.

And that's because this year, for mother's day, while I got my mom some very lovely flowers, the real gift I gave to her was being able to attend my university graduation, before she moved back to the east coast. And the best part was that she wasn't expecting it. At all. EVER.

I'm no stranger to academia, having spent the last ten years haphazardly studying a random assortment of things at University in between bouts of taking long stretches of time off because work was more exciting, and let's face it - school can be extraordinarily boring when it wants to be. Like when you're learning how to use SPSS with three-hundred of your not-so-close friends, or when you spend your sundays in the A/V library listening to RECORDS of classical music because *my god* no one seems to have discovered modern technology there. I own more textbooks I never want to look at again than I care to think about, and could probably bore you to tears discussing the meaning and interpretation of major symphonies from the 18th century.

But last year, I decided to go back. And to just get it done. Deciding to go back to school was not easy. Nor was keeping it a secret even while working twelve-hour days at my last job and taking two courses that both require three-hours a week plus ten hours of readings. Tip: Don't ever have a job that requires absolute devotion while also trying to write twenty-pages-plus essays on the philosophy of language. It will drive you to drink full bottles of wine in one sitting, and give up sleeping entirely.

But thankfully that hassle all came to an end when on April 28th I wrote my last exam. EVER.

This June, I'll *finally* be a university graduate. And the first ever in my family. Which gave my mom some extra special reason to be teary-eyed yesterday. Yay!