sunday is craft day

hand-drawn houndstooth, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

After shying away from the LOVELY print gocco I received at Christmas for the past few months, today I finally bit the bullet, sat down, printed out a bunch of my fabric designs and started cranking out screens.

Sadly, I'm all out of bulbs (oops! bad planning!) so we'll see what I can actually turn out fabric-wise before Ladyfest this weekend, but so far, the results are looking good!

I started with a really basic houndstooth pattern (the "checks" are about 1" in size), since it seems like it's the fabric I get asked for the most but it hardest to find.

The photo above is of my first ever finished screen, and it's very first printing. Yay! The fabric is Kona Cotton's 100% Robin's Egg, and the ink is just basic cyan. I am really loving blues these days, in case you can't tell.