earth day, etsy finds, and linky goodness

Recycle Pants What did you do for earth day? I drove to Kanata. Yeah. Sorry about that, planet. But I did have a lovely lunch with Verna from Goods for Foodies, at the Cheshire Cat, and went all out buying seeds for a planting spree this weekend. I may drive my car to the forbidden suburbs sometimes, but at least I'm growing things. Like miles of basil. And blueberry bushes.

The tote featured above is just one of many recent etsy finds, and it arrived today. I love it far more than so many of the eco-friendly bags appearing everywhere. Especially the ugly ones (yes loblaws, I'm talking to you). Curiously though, I've also noticed that as we all stop using plastic bags, that everyone's kitchens now seem to be overflowing with re-useable bags. Are we just creating a new dilemma? Ban plastic bags so we can all own 100 individual eco-friendly bags that ALSO take up all the cupboard space?

Because I'm the procrastinating type, I've spent all my time lately either outside, or looking at pretty things on the internet. Since I've got nothing else new to report except that it's finally spring, I totally passed the course I was nail-biting about, and it's T-17 days to ladyfest, I'll leave you to amuse yourselves with some links while I get back to browsing the internet and freaking out because my new bike seat cover materials aren't here yet.

eco-friendly pet beds | new acrylic tablecloths from Ferm-Living | oh snake | new wall decals from blik for our apartment | live webcasts from coachella make you feel like you're right there! (sorta) | mio's new nomad would be totally great for a bachelor apartment | boring job? (video) | parking your bike tokyo style (also a video) | would you like to design some urban bike rack art? | stephen fry & the gutenberg press