11.365 Oh Inverted World

11.365 Oh Inverted World, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

So here I am n San Francisco. I haven't yet seen sunshine, but I'm sure when I do it will be as amazing as anything else.

My day started at 5:30 am with a quick shower, a last minute pack, and ended with a quick shower nearly twenty-four hours later and a last minute unpack. Hello symmetry, let's have a nap now.

I love my hotel here. I think I love it almost enough to live in it. It feels like my living room somehow, complete with an odd assortment of magazines including Wired, and the latest edition of Surface.

There's a window seat, and an ipod dock / stereo next to my bed. There's no snow here. Tonight I wore bare legs and flats. And a spring coat. There's a bar at the base of the elevators that feels like you would actually WANT to go there if you weren't even staying here, it's so painfully hip.

I can see cNet's offices from my hotel room window. There's an Apple store within 5 blocks. I can smell the sea. The air is....soft. In some ways, it's like home, just entirely upside down and backwards.