Vacation Redux, part I

So, we're home. It's been a slightly crazy vacation, and it almost felt nice to be back at work today. I've been longing for something to challenge my vacation-snoozing brain. Lots has gone on, so....

  • Set out on the 24th for Halifax. Everybody in the car, eager for 10 hours of driving.
  • Drove to Montreal. Car-people got whiny and made up directions. It is TOO the right tunnel.
  • B started taking pictures of car occupants. More whining ensued.
  • Got to our reserved motel (note: when I say reserved, I really mean the place I gave my credit card # to who then went and gave away my reservation 5 minutes before I got there even though it was GUARANTEED. Grr.)
  • Drove for another hour at 1 AM (stupid Atlantic Inn - note: don't stay there. Ever. They suck.) to go to Fredericton, narrowly miss a moose, and drive on some strange back roads.
  • Got told that people from Ontario couldn't possibly take directions over the phone. Yes, since clearly, we don't drive in good old Ontario. That's far too modern.
  • Saw some Tall Ships
  • And some goats (!)
  • Checked out revitalized scenery and caught a parade
  • Went hiking in an old ravine
  • Went for drinks and more drinks with friends
  • Bought some really good records at Random Play. Pity there wasn't enough cash to buy more - they have a good stash of used stuff.
  • Made too many trips to Pete's Frootique
  • Seriously contemplated throwing B's new camera in the ocean
  • Slept.
  • Slept some more.
  • Thought some more about camera tossing and figured it was easier be passive.
  • Drove home. UGH.
  • Got dumped by a friend
  • Moved
  • Unpacked. Double UGH.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but really, it's all a blur.