03.365 Grind

03.365 Grind, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

Back to work today. Did you have a good holiday break, internet? I worked. But I also got to hang out and play with our Wii, sew up a storm, and dodge crazy kittens for at least six hours a day. Not nearly the same as actual real everyday work.

A week from today I hop on a plane bound for San Francisco to attend/participate/exhibit/observe Macworld for the first time - which sounds like a giant Apple-nerd party - it should be *very* entertaining.

I will be suitably apple-gadgeted - macbook pro at the ready, ipod touch in my pocket. With a direct daily sightline to both the Microsoft Blogger Lounge and the Crumpler "We Made A Giant Inflatable Crumpler Bag for you to walk into" booth, I am sure there will always be something interesting going on. And if there's not, I'll have to resort to sending you daily weather reports from somewhere that's not -27 celsius. This place is cold!

Any San Francisco tips? I have free time! And I will be taking photos!