fireworks, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

That's all, folks.

2007 comes to an end with a tiny little bang, and 17 minutes of fireworks on parliament hill.

While I can't say I'll miss this year, it was still a good one for the most part. Like everyone else I know - 2007 seemed to be the year where there was more work to be done than people to do it. I'll always associate it with one thing - exhaustion.

This year, Brett and I settled into our new place, and fostered a mere handful of kittens (Lucy, Charlie, Sophie, Boris, Natasha, Seamus, Gus, Patrick, Sam, and Hobbes). We're planning for our next big trip (India 2008) and trying to figure out how to stay sane in the meantime.

I crafted my butt off in 2007 - only four shows, but boy were they big shows. The ladyfest Christmas sale was my biggest show ever, and my studio is still full of the remnants of reams of new fabric that graced my studio shelves because of it. I also managed my first ever out of town show (note to self: get more sleep). Thanks to everyone who supported me this past year, whether through your words of encouragement, or becoming a customer. It's been a blast!

Travel-wise, 2007 brought no surprises - Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and the usual suspects like Montreal and Halifax. For the first time in many years, I went home - and I loved it. There's nothing quite like being surrounded by people you love in a place that will always be familiar.

2008 brings good things, and long list of things I want to accomplish. One of them is to blog more - the rest I'm not sure I'll ever say out loud. At least not until this time next year.

Happy 2008! Hope yours is as good as I intend mine to be.