let it snow

img_4637.jpg I have been singing christmas carols in my head for weeks now (curse you, tinned holiday muzak - you invaded my brain!). But now it's snowing outside (we're supposed to get walloped with the white stuff overnight and tomorrow), and time for my one and only christmas requirements - The Grinch. I don't know why, but it's the only Christmas music niceness that's stuck with me since I was tiny, perhaps the result of too many rote piano christmas duets or something.

Piles of presents have covered my office, and the last of my holiday orders are being delivered to anxious eager customers, pleased to have something special and unique for that someone special. Work is winding down, though surprising, since things there are only really winding up. Lots is happening in Robyn-land. It's time for a kitty, too.

We went to our first ZenKitchen dinner tonight. FAB. It was amazing! No-cheese cheesecake, cheese-free ricotta, and yummy vegan treats and organic wine. Worth the wait, and the expense. I can't wait to check out the next one!

Our new bed gets delivered tomorrow. Can't wait for that either. We've been keeping our fingers crossed since early december that we'd have somewhere new to sleep for the holidays and we got our wish! Now there's just a bed frame to assemble that (THANK GOD) is not from Ikea. Betcha it doesn't involve an allan key!

Links and fun stuff soon, I promise - including a video of last night's ski trip to the Gatineaus. And photos galore - I'm getting quite the backlog! Until then, happy shoveling.