sampson, originally uploaded by mintyfresh.

things that are awesome:

  1. The 15-pack of 620 and 120 film I've got on the way for all of my old cameras. I heart ebay.
  2. Sams - we looove this kitty. He's a doll.
  3. 5 pounds of vintage fabric scraps in the mail.
  4. Heat in our apartment! Somehow it went off for a few days and we were forced to contemplate sleeping with mittens on.
  5. Scones from Bread & Sons. I love our organics basket.

things that are not awesome:

  1. How I totally left a SCATHING note on my landlords car window today because he blocked me into the driveway. Um, oops? Locals shouldn't have Saskatchewan plates.
  2. Linus is sick. Super mega awful sick and no one seems to know why.