poppytalk handmade market

poppytalk.jpg Last month it was all the rage. It was featured at Design Sponge, Craft:zine, IndieFIXX, Apartment Therapy and more. And THIS month, I'm happy to be able to say that I'm one of a charming group of crafters and designers that have been invited to participate in the November "Holiday" themed market over at Poppytalk Handmade. The market starts today and runs until December 5th. Just enough time to get your holiday shopping in (and delivered in the mail). How I love internet shopping!

Even better is that this means that I've done a mega-sized shop update. Camera straps, pillows, guitar straps and more are all available online. More of everything is in the works, so things will be rapidly selling out and restocking over the next month. Just in time for the Ladyfest Ottawa Christmas show.

Hallowe'en is barely over, but already it's time to turn our minds to the holidays. I have wrapping paper (WRAPPING PAPER!) on the floor in my studio. So, so wrong.

Visit the shop to see all of the new goodies!