Cut, Cut, Paste

pica.jpg Edited to add: She came home. Phew!

First off, important public-service-style announcement: Pica the cat is missing.

For those who are thinking "You don't have a cat of your own!", you're right. But Pica was my first-ever foster cat, and she now lives with the rest of my family. And yesterday she got lost. Barrhaven-ites: if you happen to see/find/take in a random black cat, please email me. She's micro-chipped and wearing a flea collar. She's also pretty friendly, and currently healthy (though her cat-brother has a cold at the moment). If you find a lost cat (even if it's not Pica), let the humane society know.

In other less depressing news, Alison over at Brainylady has been making good use of my scrap packs from Puces Pop. It's so strange to see things from home appear elsewhere! But it's so pretty.

Matthew @ I Heart Music has posted what I have always thought of as the best annual list ever: the Hottest Canadian Bands, 2007 Edition List. If you haven't seen any of these bands you should. Or at least, buy their albums so you can gain admission to the cool music hipsters club.

More news tomorrow!