studious studio

studio_fall07.jpg I've got my head down in my newly changed around studio this week, working on quilts (hi jen!), puces pop items, new stuff, designs, and OMG so much work. Sophie loves the new digs (our offices are like top secret rooms that we NEVER let her in to, so when the doors open, she is there. Right there. And sometimes she sneaks in when we're not looking, only for us to find her five minutes later standing on the radiator trying to hang herself in the cord for our window blinds. She is trouble this one! But the cutest kind of trouble.

Just four more days of work until my (well-earned) holidays, which I'm looking forward to. One crafty week (I have about a billion camera / guitar straps to make, and new oilcloth for bike seat covers (including burberry plaid!)), and then I'm off to visit some friends and family in Halifax for a week. Can't WAIT to get home for a while and drive along the coast. It's been ages!