new music monday on a friday

it's been a loooong loooong time since I talked about music over here, but hey, it's never too late, is it? Maybe? My current craft soundtrack as I work my fingers to the bone enroute to this year's Puces Pop includes beirut (who plays montreal in two weeks - you should go!), el perro del mar, the cinematic orchestra, kate nash, jane vain, memphis, feist, tokyo police club, amos the transparent, casiotone for the painfully alone and modest mouse. Oh! And the new Jens Lekman tracks and The Blow's Paper Television.

What got me through the long days in Amsterdam was falling asleep to Regina Spektor and waking up to Peter, Bjorn & John. That and having an espresso machine on hand for 10 hours a day - which I can highly recommend!

My iPod is acting funny, but hey - it's three years old and it's been all over the world, through downpours and sandstorms, and been tromped on by kittens galore. Maybe it's time for a new one? Not quite the same as the iPhone I was coveting on my trip, but close...