xxx.png oh I cannot wait to get back to amsterdam. Just under two weeks to go!

In addition to a grueling work schedule, I can also happily look forward to Modest Mouse, the Van Gogh museum, Lapjesmarkt and the Noordermarkt, Maoz, and heavenly heavenly freshly made stroopwaffels. I have been biding my time before the trip going slowly insane waiting for everything to be finished, for everything to show up, and my flight to be upgradeable.....come on upgrades!

Last year I had my work cut out for me. This year is more of the same, but I'm getting smarter. I'm renting apartments and ordering groceries in dutch through albert. (Can I just say how much I LOVE this system? Ottawa needs an albert. Only in english so I can tell if I just signed my neighbours or myself up for 100 euros in groceries). Dutch and I so far are not doing so well in the interpretation department, dear friends. Thank goodness albert. has photos.

"Sinaasappel?" "...." "...." "oh - orange juice!"