febo.jpg my life is a series of ordered lists these days - a jumbo sheet full of checkboxes and deadlines and "but what if we can't get what we want"'s and budgets and nightmares about how this can all go so terribly wrong but if it doesn't how completely awesome it's going to be instead! Which is really just an average day in my life/job/world, I guess. So to compensate for the lists, for the penny counting, for the "god I hope this works", some more lists:

things I am currently in love with:

  • iWork '08. Numbers! Goodbye MS Office for Mac. I will not miss you.
  • Building a digital camera sleeve for my Duaflex.
  • My Modest Mouse ticket for Melkweg in three weeks.
  • The Cinematic Orchestra
  • The beginning of Weeds, Season 3
  • Clean apartments. Fresh laundry.
  • Feline fresh cat litter - scoopy and flushy! And all natural!
  • My new mandoline (is it wrong to want to slice EVERYTHING we eat?)
  • The new shopify marketplace
  • My new Moto KRZR
  • Only three weeks until Amsterdam.
  • Mangosteens!
  • Finding Edamame at Hartman's
  • Obsessively scrolling the OHS website because I promised we would have no cats until I got back form my trip in September.
  • Listening to the rain fall.
  • Reading Japanese. Slowly but surely!

things I am currently *not* in love with

    UPS having no evening deliveries.

  • OMG only three weeks until Amsterdam!
  • Having to wait until four days before my flight to upgrade. Eek! The anxiety!
  • Not having kittens. But! I like the non-kitten clean level of our apartment.
  • How I think my front porch might disintegrate at any moment.
  • Writing business plans.
  • How my neighbours can't seem to cook without setting off the smoke alarm. I've lived here a year, and cook nearly every night and not ONCE has it gone off. What are they doing wrong?

Anyway, that's all you get for now. Next week? Sanity is somewhat regained. Maybe I'll have something coherent to say then.