sew crazy

birds eye Pardon the pun, but it's pretty accurate these days. Most days I hit the ground running and don't quit until well after dark (or the wee hours of the next day, even!). Definitely before sun-up the following day, anyhow.

I have beeen sewing, reading, biking, playing with kitties, sewing some more, working my little brain off, writing about sewing (stay tuned for that!), cutting out patterns to sew, business planning, mega fabric research, hand-stitching, drawing quilts, and generally doing everything i can not to lose my mind. You might be able to interpret from this list why I haven't exactly been blogging...

Work travel in September never looked so good as it does now - the end of this giant hurdle I have been calling "summer". 51 days to Amsterdam. Woo!

In a fit of "I need to relax" time on Friday night, I bought and then hacked some rolls of 120 film into 620 so that I could use this little wee camera that used to belong to my dad. Film-hacking? Interesting. Relaxing? Not so much. Bad choice.