is it just me?


While I like the ideals of the Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag" bags, am I the only one who thinks they aren't the least bit attractive? Perhaps I'm marking myself as not "high fashion" or something here (and I am ok with that), but I have a huge selection of "not plastic" tote bags already in my closet that I actually don't mind being seen around town with. I can't say the same for this bag. I love the message behind them (don't use plastic bags!), but wouldn't be seen with it in public. There is a case to be made for "pretty & environmentally friendly" here, I think.

I find myself especially annoyed that for all of it's green potential, that potential was totally wasted. Why make a bag encouraging people to make environmentally friendly choices (like not using plastic bags when you could have a reusable tote) when you are going to not be at all environmentally friendly or ethical about it's production?

Anyway, this is a case of love the idea, not so hot on the execution - at least for me.