how green it grows

greenery.jpg last summer, adorned with two brand new porches, I took to balcony gardening like nobody's business. The only thing I didn't manage to kill? A giant container of basil. I *love* basil on the porch in the summer, and I guess it just wanted to hang on as long as it could.

But THIS year, I am all about the not killing of things. I have an eggplant plant! And it is flowering! I have jalapeno plants, and banana pepper plants, and cubanelles, and sweet reds, and about a dozen other plants that grow peppers, along with *the* cutest tomato plant I've ever seen, a giant basket of basil, and peppermint coming out of my ears. I'm also growing spinach and butter lettuce. I don't know what that's all about, but what I can tell you is that is multiples - and fast! The photo above was taken just over a week ago. I'll post another photo later today with this week's growth to compare. You will be astounded.

I have so far: forgotten to water all of the plants for days on end, left them to the no-good intentions of a squirrel and a raccoon, planted too early for the unexpected June near-frost and yet they have not died. They have wilted, mind you, but they have rebounded and now they are not giving up.

This is the year I get my green thumb!

Update: this week