swap meat

a while ago (feels like forever ago now) I received an infrequent mailing from Coudal. They were doing a new thing! (Another new thing, really - they are always doing something new). This new thing was the best yet - a virtual swap meat (no, not meet, and definitely not real meat. Keep reading). The deal was this:

"Send us some of the stuff you made for yourselves, that you're selling or giving away. You're going to have to trust us on this, but we'll check out what you send and then send you back some stuff of approximately equal value. That might be stuff we received from someone else or some of our stuff, or some combination of the two."

I sent them one of my new collection of sock-monkey bicycle seat covers (available at Ladyfest this weekend), and they sent me back this:

lefevre guitar strap

Which is awesome, and I love it. But just after I tore into my Coudal package from the mailbox yesterday I stopped and laughed and laughed and laughed. It would figure that for the girl who doesn't play guitar, who wrote the DIY custom guitar strap tutorial, who's been making them for years, whose studio is full to the brim of guitar strap pieces for this weekend's show, the swap meat item they would send me is...a guitar strap. This is my craft karma.

Crafters/artsy types: there is still time! Read more about the Swap Meat here, and see what's being swapped over here.

About the strap, above: The nice people (M&M) at lefevre make guitar straps (and if I do say so myself a cute messenger bag) and sell them too (in case you're not loving mine lately).

PS - thank you Coudal!